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What story will you tell when it matters most?

Bring real stories of inspiration and impact to your most important audiences. Kristy Wolfe’s process helps you share meaningful journeys through digital storytelling and photography.

Explore the next step in your storytelling journey.

Digital storytelling brings your experience to life

Sharing impactful stories can inspire action, create connection, and encourage healing in those who choose to share their journeys.

Kristy can help your values-based organization create captivating stories to leave indelible impressions on audiences and stakeholders.

Does your organization uplift people in our community? Those stories need telling.

Meet your storytelling guide

Kristy Wolfe is a Common Language DST certified digital storyteller helping people share their most impactful stories.

Her most recent and impactful projects focus on teaching others how to narrate their own experiences through photography and digital storytelling.

Based in Canmore, Alberta with her husband, Harrison, and two sons, Kane and Maverick, Kristy has been telling stories through photography for the past ten years.

“Kristy is inspiring in her own right, but she has the magical ability to make you feel like you are just as special, just as inspiring, and your story is just as valuable. I love working with her and can’t wait for the next project.”   ~ Sara, Marketing Director

Creating impact within our community

Recognizing the power of authentic stories, Kristy works with non-profit and values-based organizations throughout the Alberta and beyond.

These projects showcase the resilience of the people in our community, our neighbours, family, and friends as well as the impact made by local organizations.

Tell stories that matter

The right stories move people to action.
Are you ready to make an impact with digital storytelling?

What’s New

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