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Moments that Matter – Hospital Life

It should come as no surprise that I was more than a little disappointed to be told that I could not take photographs in any space other than the public waiting area when we went for Kane’s MRI. So here is a small slice of what Kane’s MRI experience was like from the point of view of the parent that was not allowed to go into the second waiting area with him.

On a more positive note… the woman in the waiting room with us was one of Kane’s nurses in the NICU! She told me she recognized him right off the bat and then heard us say his name. She shared that she was often on nights during his NICU stay and spent a fair bit of time cuddling him. Her 11 month old son was also getting an MRI and she was trapped in the no man’s land of being a health care professional and being a parent. Too much knowledge and not enough authority can be overwhelming. Just as an aside: I got her permission to shoot and post her photo.

Kane’s Perspective on the Day: You probably noticed his Blue Instax in a number of my photos.


Tim Horton’s Post MRI Celebration

Buzz It: Our pediatrician’s office left a message on Monday explaining that there were no spinal cord problems detected!!!


Back at the Stollery: And then six days later, we’re back in the same hallway for Kane’s bi-annual spine x-rays followed by our Scoliosis Clinic appointment.


EOS 3D X-Ray: We are so glad the Stollery has this machine not only because it gives much clearer pictures, but also because it significantly reduces the amount of radiation Kane is exposed to. To learn more about this beautiful piece of technology, check out this article.

The Waiting Game: I planned to do more of a story about meeting with Kane’s orthopedic surgeon, but I got caught up in the conversation. The waiting game continues…though a spine surgery is almost definitely in Kane’s future.

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