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I See You, Momma

Recently, I had an hour of time before a shoot where my kids were being cared for and I was free to sit in a coffee shop and catch up on Click magazine. In the January/February issue, there was an article by Me Ra Koh titled, I See You. There were so may things she said in her article that stood out for me, particularly in relation to a couple of hospital and bereavement shoots I had done in the past few months.

I had met Me Ra at the Click Away conference I attended last year. She was a powerful presence then and has now become an even greater inspiration after reading, I See You. Me Ra, I like to think that my camera is also an instrument of healing.


As I walk you through some of my favourite photos from Sara, Brooke, and Maeve’s session I will be using quotes from Me Ra’s article. But I’ll start with this one because it perfectly describes how I feel about documenting and sharing my own family’s story. “The more we are able to accept our own pain and imperfect process the more space we create for others to feel accepted.” My hope is that with my camera and my words I am making space for others.

Sara was referred to me by a friend because she was looking for a photographer who would document the raw and intimate parts of motherhood. I was blown away when Sara wrote to me saying, “I really want to make sure we capture my body and Brooke’s; the whole idea of motherhood and postpartum (while this being a bit different because of the absence of a baby). I want it to be a powerful reminder for future years down the road for myself and for Brooke when she becomes a woman or maybe mother one day.”

“…this moment was the story, and this story was worth remembering.”
“…the images would hold great meaning as her present story and the present story is always the most powerful one to capture, because healing lives in the present moment.”

This is some of what Sara shared with me about her family…

We are a family of four; our second daughter, Maeve, was born our sweet angel baby and will forever be in our hearts. We like the outdoors and doing things together as a family. Brooke, our oldest daughter, is a strong willed, full of energy, persistent preschooler who always wants to engage in play. I am currently a stay at home mom and Bodhi the dog is battling prostate cancer but still loving life.

“Sometimes a photograph is about capturing the resilience of the human spirit, no matter how messy it may look.”

Sara, I see you.

You are also an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your story with me and again reminding me just how tough moms are.

“To recognize the beauty, we must be able to see the pain, just as to see the light, we must be able to see the shadows that define the light.”

 And Brooke, sorry I couldn’t come back and hang out with you again the next weekend ; )


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