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Click with Kids: Word Search

Click with Kids Project #3 

We’ve been hard at work searching for letters. Here are a couple of the ones Kane and Mav found…

Did you figure out which letters they were representing?

When we decided to find the letters in their name I realized they more engaged if we looked for and photographed the actual letters from signs, license plates and the covers of books. Here’s what they created…

I on the other hand have a slightly longer attention span than the boys so while I was out walking Indy on the weekend I kept my eyes out for shapes to represent the letters in the words I was thinking about. See if you can figure it out.


Interested in checking out the previous projects? The first one was all about self portraits and the second one was focused on using props to make a photo booth.

Thinking of someone who might be interested in following along? Here’s a post about why I started Click with Kids or you can click this link to sign up .

And here’s a quick YouTube video about the project.

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