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Click with Kids: 5 Senses

Click with Kids Project #4

Photography is so much about what we see and this project is all about trying to isolate some of the other senses.

Mav has been really interested in working on this with me over the last couple of weeks.  With it being so busy around this time of year (for us it’s just before Christmas and we just moved into our house) it has meant lots of the photos were taken on my iphone. But you shoot with what you have!

We made a stop at Rocky Mountain Soap Company in Canmore to grab a couple of Christmas gifts and the smells were everywhere!

Mav got a shot of his hot chocolate at Cacao 70 on our lunch date. His preschool snack earlier that day wasn’t quite as tasty.

With kids I find the sense of touch is being used constantly. A prime example is the fact that I often have to say things like “Stop touching your brother!” and “Get your hands out of your…” I’ll leave that one to the imagination ; ) The cold “ice octopus” is a pretty awesome kid pic. But my favourite touch photo from this project is the one where Mav is the photographer but he is also reaching in to the frame to feel the plant.

I didn’t realize until I sat down to write this blog, but we did not get a single photo to represent hearing. So we would love to see your sound photos!

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The first one was all about self portraits, in the second project we were using props to make a photo booth, and most recently we were creating words with pictures. 

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