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Just Another Day

Life with a medical kid is interesting. There are times where our family is pretty normal, well, you know, as normal as any family is!

And then there are times where it feels like the medical appointments and discussions about challenges and where to go next take over.

We are in that right now. In the last few weeks, we’ve had scoliosis clinic, a dentist appointment, and a pacemaker clinic.

All of these appointments were follow ups, but all of them were with new teams. Teams who haven’t met Kane before. New teams who need all the information. New teams we are building relationships with. New teams are amazing for fresh perspectives and new ideas. New teams are also hard work.

We are in it right now. Lots of stuff is going well…pacemaker looks good, no immediate need for spine surgery. But in the next weeks and months, Kane will meet a pediatric dentist and then have to go back again to have a cavity filled. In March, he will have a day surgery in Edmonton for his cupped ear and the second stage of his mole removal, at which point the plan is to also look at genetics. Kane has been referred for a a CT scan of his neck to help clarify what is happening in his cervical spine. He has also been referred to the neuro-developmental clinic to begin looking at his attention and he is working with a reading support teacher at school.

These are good things.

But they are more things.

Life with a medical kid is interesting.

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