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Happy Heart Day

Here’s the photography project invitation I sent out on Facebook recently.

I have a photography project I want you or your kids to do with me…

It’s called the Paper Heart Project and I’ve included a link to the article where I learned about it. But it’s pretty simple really.

1) make a paper heart

2) draw a “zipper” or a scar on it if you’ve had a heart surgery

3) with or without people included

4) post your photo with the #paperheartproject#chdawareness, and #clickwithkids. If you are really a go getter tag me in it!

As many of you know Heart Day (aka Valentine’s Day) is pretty important in our family. It’s also the final day of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week.

So I invite you to spend a little time photographing a heart story with your kids. They don’t have to be a heart warrior, though I bet they know one, as 1 in 100 babies are born with CHD.

Our paper heart project doesn’t focus on our heart warrior, Kane. And we didn’t use paper. This story focuses more on our other warrior, Maverick. Honestly, our whole family are heart warriors.

FYI the image above is actually just one image in a slideshow, swipe left or click the arrows to see the rest of the images. Trying something new.

I would love to see your images of heart projects, paper or otherwise.
Feel free to tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Heart Day

Love the Wolfe Pack

My goal is to find a way to make documentary family photography accessible to all medical and palliative families.

For more information please visit my new website.
Here are links to a few good places to start…

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