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CT Story

Waiting…Kane and I are experts at waiting. Waiting at an appointment. Waiting for an answer. Waiting to play a game (because mom won’t let you have screen time the majority of the time you are waiting!) We are pretty good at bringing things to do while we are waiting. For me, it’s my camera. This time Kane wasn’t interested in taking photos, instead he brought the valentine’s cards from his classmates to read.

This time we were waiting at the Alberta Children’s Hospital for a CT scan to get a closer look at what is happening in Kane’s cervical spine. Though I do want to mention that we did not wait very long between the referral from our orthopedic surgeon and our actual CT appointment. It really took me by surprise how quickly they got us booked in.

Kane has had bi-annual x-rays since he was brand new. He’s even had a sedated MRI. But, I had never seen a CT machine in real life. After a quick google search I learned a CT (Computerized Tomography) scan is actually a series of x-rays that are pieced together to create a detailed cross section view.

In case you or your kiddo have a CT coming up, here’s the link to the Sick Kids website where you can find a great explanation of just what a CT is and what to expect.

Congenital Scoliosis child having a CT scan at the Alberta Children's Hospital.
This is Kane’s tell. When he gets nervous he bites on the inside, right corner of his mouth. I first realized when he was heading in for his pacemaker surgery.

With more medical appointments and procedures on the horizon we will continue to work on strategies to support Kane in handling what’s coming up.

We may do a lot of waiting…but there is never a dull moment.

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