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Click with Kids: Schedule this…

Click with Kids Project #6

My kids are home…from school…indefinitely.

An iphone photo of our dining room wall covered in lists and schedules.
Morning Routine: 1) get dressed 2) eat breakfast + vitamins 3) brush teeth 4) pack backpack *if you finish you have free time 5) get outdoor clothes on

This is what my dining room wall looks like right now. Some of it was pre-covid, actually most of it was. We were really working on building consistent expectations and routines with the kids, particularly with mom being away for conferences throughout February.

My original plan for this month’s photography project was to have my boys document our morning routine so that we could create a visual schedule. It’s the visual schedule on the left in the image above and the following are images the boys and I made.

We had started photographing some of our morning tasks prior to school closures. But now that life has gotten a little more unpredictable a schedule feels all the more important (mostly for my sanity!) Our new visual schedule is for the day and looks something like this…

The other morning Maverick even asked if we could add Yoga as one of our activities. I think he might like schedules as much as I do!

In other news, I decided to start a YouTube channel this week…cause why not!? This first tip is all about our schedule. At this stage it’s only partially a visible schedule and we had to move it the wood because it’s taking the paint off the walls!

Honest truth…I have zero idea what I am doing on YouTube. I will happily accept suggestions for videos, as well as tips or tricks on how to do this. As usual, I jumped in the deep end. This all began last night when my husband, Harrison said…”I think you should create a YouTube channel.” And so I did.

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I think that’s what you do with YouTube.

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