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Personal Project: March Madness

Join me on a little visual journey of our new normal…

Kane’s spring concert was the last group event we attended. It was way back on March 11th.

Children singing in a school concert.

Our home has begun to look a little different as we have tried to create some consistency and routines following Alberta school closures on March 16th.

And because I love jumping into things, I decided now was the time to start a YouTube channel! The videos are for families who are suddenly homeschooling their crew. Many of the videos involve super quick tips about activities to do with kids. These videos all start with “Suddenly Homeschooling…” By the way, my background is an educator. I taught grade 1 for the past four years with the Edmonton Public School Board and prior to that I taught students with learning disabilities.

We had one last audiology appointment for each kid on March 17th before Kane’s neurodevelopmental assessment and dental surgery were both cancelled.

Boy getting his ears tested by an audiologist.

Harrison and I are currently doing a parenting coaching program through the Strongest Families Institute because Mav because Kane because we need to! So some of my YouTube videos refer to the skills we are learning. These titles all start with “Parenting…”

PS None of my videos are what you would call polished and while the content is good I have a lot to learn if I want to become known as a YouTube personality.

In other news, Mav got his “antler” cut off. He talked about getting a haircut like dad’s but Harrison stuck with a more youthful look. Great first cut by dad! And the bonus is that now Maverick can’t twist his hair into a dreadlock that I have to cut out while he is sucking his thumb (which I’m not supposed to comment on when I’m spending all my time noticing the good)

Young boy getting a kitchen haircut.

We’re working on getting outside everyday, regardless of how much my kids fight me on it. And let me tell you the whining and complaining is mindblowing. So I resort to drinking wine later!

And Mav is patiently waiting for spring, so that the rocks get cleaned up and he can skateboard on the path by our house. I haven’t told him it’s not the biggest priority for the government at this stage of the game.

Getting ready for spring with a little skateboard practice.

Probably the most entertaining of our YouTube videos are the Facebook Live read alouds. So far there are two but if you want to feel good about your kid’s attention span, impulse control and ability to annoy their sibling check these out! Or maybe you just miss our faces.

This video is the second book we read. I haven’t been able to download the original Facebook Live video but here’s the link to Read Aloud Chaos Part 1. These are by far the most entertaining and realistic look at an educator turned homeschooling mom of boys.

Oh right and then the playgrounds closed…

With all the chaos this year has brought you owe it to yourself to laugh at my ability to parent. Head over and subscribe to my YouTube channel (mainly so I feel important to someone) and feel free to share with anyone who might appreciate it or just need a good laugh.

Oh and be careful…even when you correctly type my name in to “the Google” it will bring you to a Kristie Wolfe with like 11,000 subscribers. That is not me. Find the Kristy Wolfe with about 29 subscribers and you’ve got the right one. Or just click this little button below.

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