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I’m Ready, What’s Next: Conversations & Connections

What a year! This time last year our family had just learned about the opportunity to move to Canmore. We were trying to figure out if it was feasible for my career as an educator (not yet), as well as if it was a realistic possibility with Kane’s healthcare needs (turns out yes). Well regardless, we did it. We moved to a new town, took over a car dealership, and began our next chapter.

For anyone has moved with kids you know there is a whole lot of additional things to consider. Not only are you building a home, a career and a community for yourself, but you are also helping your kids navigate all the transitions that come with moving; a new home, a new school, new people… New is fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Throw in changing all of Kane’s medical care to the Alberta Children’s Hospital and a heart surgery. Plus a dash of COVID and well, it’s a lot.

Recently, I sat down and chatted with Afton Brazzoni of Scribe National. Afton has been recording a series of conversations with local marketers, communicators and business owners about how they have had to pivot during covid. Our conversation included everything from homeschooling and how I got started with photography, to what happened with the Front Steps Project and what that is developing into with the support of artsPlace and the Canmore Museum. We also touch on what’s happening in the world of healthcare and education in Alberta. After you’ve watched our conversation, be sure to check out some of the other interviews Afton has done.

Last May, just before we learned about Canmore, I attended the first ever Storytellers Photo Conference in Florida. And I would have to say it changed my life. I began to really see myself as a photographer, not just someone who takes photos. One of the speakers, Ashleigh Raddatz, asked us to create a little video about where we want to be in one year. If you want to take a look at my video it’s in this blog post or you can watch it below. Not my best look, with mascara running down my face, but I love it because you can hear the excitement in my voice. When this was taken I didn’t even know about Canmore. That was just pure photography excitement.

See what I mean about it not being my best look!

Well here’s the one year later update (this will make more sense if you watch the video)

Rock – family goals:

  • Kane and I are still doing our Together diptych project.
  • Both kids created images for the photography projects included in my newsletter, Click with Kids. This is something I want to re-focus on this summer. And here’s hoping I won’t be homeschooling come September!
  • Now that Alberta is in the re-launching phase there is more opportunity for Harrison and I to go back to monthly dates. We did a couple during covid after the kids were in bed, but I would much rather hire a babysitter for an evening.

Paper – business and careers goals:

  • My original photography what if statement has evolved, but it is still what drives my passion. My goal is now to make documentary family photography accessible to all medical, special needs, and palliative families. More about this on my new website as The Gift of Photos.
  • I have continued to work on my storytelling skills with my mentor, Kristine Nyborg, who I met at the conference. And perhaps because of covid I created a short course, Tell Your Story, on how to tell your own story using photography.
  • Education is a different story. I am a substitute teacher in the Canadian Rockies Public Schools. I have been speaking at more conferences and I’m teaching a personal photography project at artsPlace. And I recently had my first mentoring student. So not quite where I thought I would be, but then again I thought I would still be teaching in Edmonton.

Scissors – personal goals:

  • Bullet Journal is going strong. In fact I’m about to start my 5th journal.
  • New goal…I want to write a book. Not a bullet journal but an actual book. More about that in another blog post.
Looking ahead

What really matters to me right now? Telling stories with my camera and teaching others how to tell their own story using photography. If you are interested in using photography to tell your story, join in on my free “Tell Your Story” mini-course by clicking below.

No pressure to complete any projects for me, this is for you, ideas to spark the storyteller within you.

Learn to Tell Your Story using Photography

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Kristy is an engaging, open, and honest Common Language DST trained digital storytelling facilitator. She has been speaking and teaching workshops on both photography & digital storytelling for 5 years. With a background in the education, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, she works with diverse audiences, prioritizing ethics in storytelling and storyteller wellbeing.

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