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Click with Kids: Hour by Hour

Looking for a kid friendly photography project to tell the story of your day? An hour by hour project is a fun way to get your kids noticing the details of the day and it’s way less intense than a day in the life project!

Sometimes I like to test out a photography project with my kids. Other times I like to test the projects out on my kids. I first tried out an hour by hour project this past spring in preparation for my first artsPlace teaching gig. One of my adult students and her kids actually came up with the idea of setting a timer and dropping everything to snap a photo of whatever is happening. Kind of like DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) for you educators out there!

Kidtographer’s Turn

My boys and I recently drove out to Vancouver Island to visit my mom. On our road trip, we set an alarm every hour to remind us to take photos. When the alarm rang each person took a photo or a bunch of photos using my iPhone. Not surprisingly, the boys lost interest by the end of the drive. But it actually lasted way longer than I expected!

Pro tip: the driver should only took photos when not actually driving!

Any guesses on who took which photos?
The photographers included myself, Kane who is 7 and Maverick who is 5.

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