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Together – A Day at the Hospital

So Kane wants to write (another) book…

As you have probably gathered the setting is at the hospital, in this case the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Mom: “Who are the characters?”
Kane: “Me, you and the doctors…and nurses…every one of them.”

Mom: “Why are we writing the book?”
Kane: “For children and cause I’m making a little bookshop.”

Kane is most definitely a Wolfe Pack Warrior! He wants to sell his book by donation, “like ice tea”. After he pays his helpers, Mav and Macey $2 he wants the rest of the money to go to the hospital.

In this video, Kane is explaining more about his book plan to me while we drive in to Calgary for his bi-annual cardiology appointment at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

A little more of our conversation from the video…

Mom: “What’s the book about?”
Kane: “About the hospital and things we do there like checkups.”
Mom: “Who will read it?”
Kane: “Anybody who buys it.”
Mom: “Why buy it?”
Kane: “It helps them learn more about the hospital. I’m going to make 2 books, one a book that is not a chapter book and one that is a chapter book. The picture book is like someone going to the hospital, a little story and then the chapter book is information about the hospital.”

We know a lot about hospitals.

Here’s the outline…

“The beginning would be about someone’s mom or dad telling them they need to go for a check up (whispers to me “that’s us”). Then him going to his hospital room. The ending is him going home.”

Kane plans to draw the pictures for his picture book. The following images are for his chapter book ; )

Normally, we would stop at the LEGO display on the 2nd floor which is Kane’s favourite part of our hospital date, but this time we had to get a chest x-ray and get home to pick up Maverick and Indy.

So the plan is we’re going to make a book (or two)

Kane: “This time we’re working together.”
Mom: “We’re going to do a book together. I’ve done a book and you’ve made a book…”
Kane interrupts: “A few books, you know I’ve made a few books!”

Yes, Kane, you’ve made a few books and we’ve taken more than a few pictures at hospitals. Here’s a little throwback to our Together post from last year after Kane’s heart surgery.

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