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Click With Kids: Scavenger Hunt

“Mom, can we go for a stroll?”

I know Kane is sick of sitting in a hospital bed when he says something like that!

For those of you who don’t know things went a little sideways after Kane’s surgery at the beginning of April. If you are thinking, “WHAT?! Kane had surgery?! Was it his heart?!” Then scroll down and click to the previous blog and read that first.

A mother and child read together in a hospital bed.
Self portrait of life in hospital.

If, like me you sometimes feel like you live on social media and you are up to date on all things Kane, then you will know that he ended up getting an infection after his ear surgery. He had to have another surgery and then was admitted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital to continue IV antibiotics.

An image of a stained glass window taken by a child.

Kane is fine. He is back at school and has had a follow up appointment to check the surgical site. Though he has learned he really dislikes the taste of Cephalexin and he’s going to opt for the pills next time.

We were only inpatient for two nights, but good thing we had a camera with us because Kane created an awesome new Click with Kids project, an Alberta Children’s Hospital artwork scavenger hunt.

Due to all the covid protocols in place there are not a lot of things to keep an 8 year old inpatient busy.

As we were strolling we found some interesting artwork that we had never noticed before.

Kane thought other kids who are staying at the hospital might like to do a scavenger hunt to pass the time. He explains what to do in this quick video.

FYI the passenger was recording this video not the driver!

Next time you are in hospital see which ones you can find.

Alberta Children's Hospital Scavenger Hunt
You can even download and print your own copy if you want…
A child's drawing of a tank taped outside his hospital room.
Kane was here…
A smiling boy driving home after a hospital stay.
But now he’s home.

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