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Summer Time!

I never write personal blogs anymore, which is crazy because that’s how this all started!

Eight years ago, I wrote Finally, My First Blog Post. It was six months after Kane was born and I was coming down off the whole NICU experience. In that first blog I wrote, “Kane has reminded me of what’s important. Photography is important to me. I love capturing moments in Kane’s life. His smiles, his tears, his elbow dimples… Kane is my favourite readily available subject. Sorry Indy, you have been relegated to second favourite/baby accessory.”

Indy and Kane in 2013

Well, eight years later we have more readily available subjects with this cousin crew hanging out at Nana’s house on Cowichan Lake. Plus, there is another cousin on the way!

I have found recently I haven’t really been picking up my camera much and, full disclosure, I had to talk myself into picking it up at the lake, but now that I’ve got the pictures I’m so glad I did.

Newest addition, Tattie

But perhaps this potty training image is my favourite…

Nah, it’s this one of Uncle Beaker!

Not a bad way to spend some time in the summer.

And can’t wait to see what comes from the time we spent with Felicia Chang.

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One thought on “Summer Time!

  1. I’m glad that you picked up you camera ……love your family pictures! Potty Time is indeed a favorite…..Kane playing chess with his Nana is a good one too…

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