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About Kristy Wolfe

Kristy is a Level 2 Digital Storytelling Facilitator and has trained with Common Language DST. Her digital storytelling process helps values-based organizations share impactful stories from their communities in a supportive and impactful way. Together, we’ll turn your unique experiences into compelling narratives shown in a memorable digital video format.

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Digital storytelling

Compelling digital stories help values-driven organizations share their work with the world to help raise much-needed funds for community programs and services.

A digital story can celebrate a milestone, document a complex personal experience, or create a legacy. 

A single story or collection of stories can provide opportunities for storytellers to share who they are, what they believe in, and why it is important through digital storytelling and photography. 

The final digital story is a moving, impactful visual asset. You can use the content across multiple platforms in a variety of ways to ensure you receive ongoing value from the story. 


Kristy Wolfe is a well-known Bow Valley photographer with an extensive portfolio of both personal and professional work. Her documentary-style photography was the inspiration for the stories she creates today as a trained digital storytelling facilitator.

Kristy will help you showcase how your organization connects with stakeholders and creates an impact in your community. She’s also passionate about working with both adults and youth to help document their stories and build their photography skills.

Last year, the inspiring Kristy, convinced me to join her on a journey that was new for me. She wanted to tell a new story, that of myself and my daughter, and the world of living with a rare disease.

Kristy’s incredible photos mixed with her own stories convinced me that these stories NEED to be told. I began to see some of the positive changes and important conversations that I could impart in the world of having a child with a disability. With her digital storytelling work, Kristy continues to build compassion and advocacy in a new way.

~ Melanie Birch, co-creator of digital story, Skiing Uphill

Social entrepreneurship builds community

Digital stories help build healthy communities where people’s lives feel interconnected. Everyone has a story, but not everyone is in a position to tell it with the support of a trained digital storytelling facilitator. You can help by giving the gift of story.

Since becoming a mother to a child with medical complications, Kristy has been heavily involved in supporting other people dealing with challenging situations as a photographer, a peer mentor, and now as a digital storyteller. She is always looking for opportunities to share the gift of stories with her community.

Find out how you can create inspiration within your community by gifting a digital storytelling session, photography session, or storytelling mentorship session.

About Kristy Wolfe

With a rare commitment to capturing difficult stories and deep compassion for the people who share them, Kristy Wolfe is an insightful and talented storytelling guide.

Her experience as a medical mom lies at the heart of her passion for documentary-style photography. Based in Canmore, Alberta with her husband and two sons, she has been telling stories through photography for the past ten years.

When her son Kane was born eight weeks early in 2012, she had her camera with her during most of the 54 days they spent in the NICU.

Six months later she began sharing her family’s story through images, photographing their time in the hospital during Kane’s heart surgery in 2013 and again in 2019.

Her early career began with photographing Ronald McDonald House families. She has since worked with many medical families and is passionate about telling their stories both in and out of hospital, helping them see their strength and resilience.

She offers storytelling photography sessions for families and companies, as well as “Pay It Forward” sessions that people can gift to medical, special needs, or palliative families.

Kristy’s background as a teacher inspires her love for mentoring others. Her most recent projects involve teaching others how to tell their stories through photography, and sharing her knowledge through speaking engagements.

Partnering with non-profit organizations through digital storytelling helps Kristy empower storytellers throughout the community.

She shares her family’s story in hopes others can see that they are not alone. With her camera and her words, she creates space for others to heal.

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