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Digital Storytelling

Real stories, real engagement 

Create meaningful connections with donors and volunteers through digital storytelling.

Don’t hide your organization’s impact behind dusty reports. Instead, imagine your mission shared through authentic stories that move audiences to action.

Digital storytelling helps values-based organizations partner with people in the community who their programs and services have impacted. The storytellers share personal stories of how the organization has made a difference in their lives.

Digital storytelling builds a legacy. Are you ready to create yours?

What is a digital story?

A digital story is a short movie that blends a storyteller’s voice, carefully curated images, and music into a finished digital video between three and five minutes long. Combining these elements creates a compelling narrative that values-based organizations can use in multiple ways across different platforms over time.

There are many different storytellers who can share their perspectives of the impact made by an organization. Leaders and team members can share what their work means to them. Volunteers and supporters can outline their connection to your mission and why they find it meaningful. Program participants could speak directly to the impact of your programs and services.

Everyone has a story.

You may choose to create an origin story to share how your organization came to be, or how your team has grown over time. Some organizations share stories from specific programs or participants. Ideally, your unique collection of stories represents all the different stakeholders who are involved in your organization.

Why are digital stories so valuable?

Digital stories are a powerful tool in stakeholder communications and advocacy, adding dimension to your marketing and communications. Supporters want to see the human element of your organization.

Storytellers can document transformative life events in meaningful ways, and the journey can be a way to process challenging events through compassionate collaboration with our team.

Kristy is a medical mom herself, and understands just how meaningful it is to document these journeys. It’s important to her to help others feel seen in the experiences they have lived and are now ready to share.

Have a look at how these digital stories create unforgettable and touching narratives.

How does the process work?

Kristy makes an emotional commitment to each and every storyteller she works with to be sure their health and wellbeing remain at the forefront of each project.

Storyteller wellbeing is discussed right from the beginning, and she is mindful to work with people who are not currently in trauma. She conducts regular check-ins during her work with storytellers and ensures they have access to mental health resources.

Kristy is fully committed to helping you amplify your impact. Whether you are an individual or an organization, she will help you bring your mission to life. Kristy will guide storytellers through a process of planning, writing, gathering images, and creating audio for their digital stories.

Creating your story is just the first step. Sharing your story is an incredibly important part of the process. Whether it is shared with your own community or with a wider audience, Kristy is able to support you in deciding the best way to share your story and amplify your message. We also encourage your organization and individual storytellers to share your stories among your community.

Interested in learning more?

Attend a free information session with Kristy, where you can find out more about each stage of the digital storytelling process and begin to shape ideas for your digital story.

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I can imagine the chance to capture moments—important moments—in a family’s life is transformational. And to look back on those moments afterwards would be part of the healing process for us as humans.”

~Jenny Mitchell, Not-for-profit Fundraising Consultant with Chavender.com