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Photography Projects

“We look for artists within Canada and in family medicine who are interested in art as medicine for the soul.”

Dr Sarah Fraser, Editorial Fellow for College of Family Physicians of Canada

Stories create connections

Since becoming a mother to a child with medical complications, Kristy Wolfe has been heavily involved in supporting other people dealing with challenging situations as a photographer, a peer mentor and now as a digital storyteller. She specializes in working with medical, special needs and palliative families.

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Your family needs and deserves to see your own strength, resilience, struggle and hope. Telling stories through photography for families in and out of hospital is what Kristy Wolfe is passionate about.

Stories preserve memories

Every family has a story to tell.

“I’m so grateful to each of the families that have shared their story with me. It’s my pleasure and my honour to document their lives.”

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Stories drive action

The right stories move people to action. Share your community or organization’s story with the world through a photography session with Kristy. She tells visual stories for values-based organizations throughout the Bow Valley and across Alberta.

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Help tell stories that matter

Everyone has a story, but not everyone is in a position to tell it. You can help by giving the gift of story.

Find out how you can create inspiration within your community by gifting a digital storytelling session, photography session, or storytelling mentorship session to someone with a story to tell.