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Medical Stories

Documenting your life with medically complex kids is so important.

Your family needs and deserves to see your own strength, resilience, struggle and hope. Telling stories through photography for families in and out of hospital is what I am passionate about.

Being a medical mom myself means I have had to learn to advocate for my son and our family. Advocating for my family has also taught me a lot about supporting other families in hospital or with medically complex kids.

“Life can be tricky, there isn’t a doubt. You’ll skin your knees trying to figure it out.

But life works together, the good and the bad, the silly and awful, and happy and sad, to paint a big picture we can’t always see…a picture that needs you, most definitely.

Remember that next time a day goes all wrong…to somebody else, you will always be strong.”

You’re Here for a Reason, by Nancy Tillman

Here’s what families have to say…

“It meant the world. It meant someone cared and got just how heartbreaking a time this was for us and that it might, just might be one of the last times we could have beautiful photos with our son. Fortunately, we were one of the lucky ones.”
Maverick’s Family

“Kristy’s work is a permanent fixture in our home and the experience of having photos taken during one of our lowest moments on this journey helped us. It was a great distraction and allowed us escape our medical needs briefly.”
Alysa’s Family

“These pictures mean so much to us as they capture not only our precious baby but also our NICU journey. You think you will remember every detail of that time but as time passes, some of those memories fade.”
Dawson’s Family

“When Kristy came into the NICU and photographed our family during the most vulnerable moments of our life, she became part of our story. Her photos captured the rawness of that time – the grief, the pain, the love, the trauma, and the beauty.”
Huxley’s Family

Let me do this for your family.