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Leading Through Stories: Unveiling the Impact of a Story Screening

The latest episode of our podcast, “Unveiling the Power of Personal Narratives: A Deep Dive into Digital Storytelling,” delves into the fascinating realm of digital narratives. Esteemed guests Cindy McDonald, Kristie Oswald, and Kathleen Shearer share their unique experiences and perspectives, highlighting the profound moments that inspired their stories and the art of crafting theseContinue reading “Leading Through Stories: Unveiling the Impact of a Story Screening”

Leading Through Stories: LIVE from Kids Brain Health Network

In a world where healthcare is a complex maze to navigate, particularly for parents of children with unique health conditions like Rett Syndrome, the power of digital storytelling comes into sharp focus. This form of communication has emerged as an incredibly powerful tool, enabling empathy, understanding, and shared experiences within the healthcare community. Melanie Birch,Continue reading “Leading Through Stories: LIVE from Kids Brain Health Network”

Leading Through Stories: Empowering Rare Disease Families

In the world of healthcare, storytelling has become an integral tool for communication, advocacy, and education. This becomes even more crucial in the realm of rare diseases, where each family’s journey is unique and laden with profound insights and experiences. Our recent podcast episode features Krystle Schofield, a Common Language Digital Storytelling facilitator, who offersContinue reading “Leading Through Stories: Empowering Rare Disease Families”

Leading Through Stories: When Your World Stops

Digital storytelling is a powerful tool in the realm of health and wellness. It allows individuals to capture and share their experiences in a deeply emotional and engaging way. This was the focus of our recent podcast episode where we sat down with Jennifer, a congenital heart parent and advocate. Jennifer shared her journey withContinue reading “Leading Through Stories: When Your World Stops”

Leading Through Stories: Enhancing Storyteller Wellbeing

In the first podcast episode of Season 3 of Leading Through Stories, we dive deep into the world of digital storytelling with Mike Lang, the founder of Common Language Digital Storytelling. Mike discusses the importance of storyteller wellbeing, an aspect that is often overlooked but plays a critical role in the process of creating andContinue reading “Leading Through Stories: Enhancing Storyteller Wellbeing”

How Heart Beats Used Digital Storytelling to Increase Impact with Kristy Wolfe Stories

Kristina McGuire is a healthcare provider, Congenital Heart Disease parent, and digital story creator. She has volunteered with Heart Beats Children’s Society of Calgary for more than eight years since receiving support from the organization shortly after her son’s birth. She currently serves as the non-profit’s board secretary.  “Heart Beats was a lifeline for myContinue reading “How Heart Beats Used Digital Storytelling to Increase Impact with Kristy Wolfe Stories”

A Digital Storytelling Case Study with Rocky Mountain Adaptive

Removing Barriers Transforms Lives & Creates Lasting Legacy Before creating their digital stories, Rocky Mountain Adaptive was seeking a powerful tool in stakeholder communications and advocacy. Creating digital stories added dimension to their marketing and communications strategies and allowed them to connect with their stakeholders in a deeper, more meaningful way.  When founder, Jamie McCulloch,Continue reading “A Digital Storytelling Case Study with Rocky Mountain Adaptive”

Becoming a Local

“Then came the winter. And, again, I was excited; ice skating, snowboarding, cross country skiing. But how can I teach my son something I don’t know how to do? I don’t have the time to learn. What will people think of me not knowing? I decided not to try. I am an immigrant and IContinue reading “Becoming a Local”

Guest Blog: Rett Syndrome Awareness

In honour of Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, my good friend and fellow medical mom, Melanie Birch has written a guest blog. Last spring, our family spent four weeks helping teach our daughter, Ella,  how to ski. Her instructors were from an incredible organization called Rocky Mountain Adaptive. To be clear, they did the teaching. OurContinue reading “Guest Blog: Rett Syndrome Awareness”

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling has changed everything I am doing. Recently, I got to sit down virtually with Mike Lang of Common Language DST and pick his brain about all things digital storytelling. Mike is a digital storytelling facilitator, a health researcher and a filmmaker, among many other things. In April of 2021 I took his LevelContinue reading “What is Digital Storytelling?”