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A Session with Felicia Chang

Felicia Chang is a Vancouver based documentary photographer and someone I have looked up to for years. This summer, Felicia spent time capturing my boys and I on a trip to Vancouver Island to visit my mom. I first saw Felicia speak at the Real Life Conference in 2019. And I’ve just signed up for her QuietlyContinue reading “A Session with Felicia Chang”

This is (Almost) 40

Have you ever worked on a project, photography or otherwise, that requires so much work and yet once it ends you realize just how important it was to you? That’s a Project 52 for me. For six years I documented my family’s life and wrote about what was happening in a blog post every singleContinue reading “This is (Almost) 40”

Tell Your Story: Sharing My Heart

Sharing your story is something each and every one of us can do. You can do it for yourself. You can do it to educate or inform others. However you choose to tell your story, just the act of telling it can help you to heal. I tell our story with my camera. The dayContinue reading “Tell Your Story: Sharing My Heart”