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Leading Through Stories: What’s Next

We’re heading into summer break in the northern hemisphere. It’s nice to imagine those eight weeks flowing by as a series of restorative events that re-connect us with family and renew our connection to ourselves. Creating an action plan for the summer may sound counterintuitive, but it is essential to ensure the weeks don’t flyContinue reading “Leading Through Stories: What’s Next”

Leading Through Stories: Think Back, Look Ahead

Two years ago, our plans and goals for our lives and businesses changed. Most of us had to hit pause as we endured the restrictions of a global pandemic. Now as those constraints finally seem to be easing, it’s time to dust off those plans, revisit them, and decide if a new set of goalsContinue reading “Leading Through Stories: Think Back, Look Ahead”

Leading Through Stories: The Impact of Gratitude

In its simplest form, gratitude is the expression of appreciation for something or someone, and it is given freely with nothing expected in return. But did you know that giving thanks can actually make you happier and healthier? Living in a state of gratitude can be life-changing, not only for you, but for the peopleContinue reading “Leading Through Stories: The Impact of Gratitude”

Leading Through Stories: Live Well Lead Well

In moments when we find it difficult to lead from where we stand, it is important to reflect on what we are feeling and thinking. Recognizing where you are mentally, emotionally, and physically is the first step to raising your vibe. Do you take the time to ask yourself what you are doing to liveContinue reading “Leading Through Stories: Live Well Lead Well”