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The Gift of Photos

The everyday successes and challenges medical, special needs and palliatives families face are daunting. It is so important, particularly for caregivers to see themselves in their family’s story. The strength, resilience, struggle and hope of these families deserves to be acknowledged and validated.

I know because I am a medical mama. I am a caregiver who has been gifted photos. I do it for others because I know how important it is to be seen. #IWasThereToo

I Was There Too Photo Credit Slice of Love Photography
Photo credit: Slice of Love Photography

In September 2019, Raz of Slice of Love Photography came to photograph our family. She documented our story of Kane’s second heart surgery. I will never have the words to adequately thank Raz for capturing images of me.

The medical mom.
The caregiver.
The photographer.
The heart warrior.
Because I was there, too.

“When I learned about what Kristy does I thought to myself…. here is the photographer I have been looking for!

Thank you so much Kristy! These pictures are so precious. I have had big hot tears, and laughed, and felt seen watching the slideshow you made for us.”

Ali, Jacob’s Mom

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Want to know a little more…

I Was There Too is a series of conversations I’m having has with other families and photographers documenting and normalizing life and with medical complexities. In the video below, I’m talking with Krystle Schofield about her journey both as a medical mom and a documentary photographer.

Are you Ready to Nominate a Family?

Nominate a medical, special needs or palliative family for a Pay It Forward photography session. These sessions include:

  • a 1-2 hour photography session either in hospital, at home or at a chosen location
  • a photo slideshow set to professionally licensed music
  • an online gallery with high resolution digital downloads

At this stage of the game, the giveaway is only open to Alberta families I can easily access from Canmore, Calgary or Edmonton.

Here is what I need from you…

Thank you for taking the time to do this. I will be in touch.

**Covid note: the winner will be able to redeem the session once it is safe to do so.

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